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        Sandwich Platter

Sandwich Platter

When it comes to delicious sandwiches, our Sandwich Platter is a top choice. We use only the freshest ingredients and our sandwiches are custom-made to order. Perfect for sharing with friends or colleagues, our Sandwich Platter is a must-have for your next gathering or office meeting.


Breakfast Sandwich

Potato Latke | Scramble Egg | Cheddar Cheese | Scallions Spinach


Roasted Vegetables 

Hummus | Oven Roasted Eggplant | Red Bell Peppers | Crispy Yam | Zucchini | Red Onions | Arugula | Zaatar


Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Breast | Kale | Aioli Shug | Cucumber | Celery | Sweet Pickles 


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